The Ten most Important Fasteners for Installing Roof Sheathing

Installing OSB on roofThe Norbord experts, in collaboration with APA representatives, offer a solution for roofing panels which are lifting slightly.

All fasteners are critical. The ten “most important” fasteners in a roof panel are the ones in each corner and the six in the intermediate panel edge connections. The critical placement of these fasteners are key; spaced 3/8″ of an inch from the edge and corners.

If an installer can get the ten most important fasteners applied correctly it will make the remaining (twenty seven) fasteners do a better job. Conventional framing at 16″o.c. would of course have more fasteners.

‎This was the simplistic description that Roland Hernandez (APA rep) used when explaining how to eliminate the horizontal joint (8′ panel edge) telegraphing on a roof. This issue was accentuated by the misplacement of fasteners on the intermediate trusses. The framing crews were starting their nails 2 to 3 inches and as much as 6″ to 8″ from the edge of the panels (on the intermediate trusses).

This installation error caused the panel edge to lift slightly which created a slight shadow on the roof when the sun was at a certain angle. Typically this phenomenon is mistaken as an edge swell issue and is seldom identified or diagnosed as an installation problem.

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