Designed to meet the stringent quality standards of the RV industry

West Fraser produces three StableRV™ Engineered Stand Products (ESP) engineered to suit the needs of the Recreational Vehicle (RV) manufacturing industry:

  • StableRV is our standard, cost-effective panel.
  • StableRV+ has consistent thickness, strength and stiffness
  • StableRV+ Overlay has additional moisture-resistant resin impregnated overlay

Developed to meet specific quality standards required by the RV industry, the StableRV range is for use in floor, wall, ceiling and slide-out applications.

Lower your production costs

Available in various thicknesses, in widths from 48” to 100”, and in lengths up to 294”, we can accommodate size requirements that allow you to optimize panel usage and significantly reduce labor and waste cost.

StableRV is manufactured in multiple mills across North America, helping reduce customers’ shipping costs.

Features and Benefits:

  • For use in floor, roof and slide-out applications
  • Available in widths from 48” to 100”, and up to 294” in length
  • Available in thicknesses from 3/8 to 1
  • Customized sizes available to optimize panel usage and reduce waste
  • Panels can be sized to meet special design specifications
  • One-piece per size requirement eliminates seams and reduces waste, time and labor
  • No core voids, knots or other defects, every panel is 100% useable
  • Panels lay flatter than alternatives, with no warping or cupping
  • Meets or exceeds APA PS2 standard (only our standard RV panel is APA-stamped)
  • CARB (California Air Resource Board)-exempt, free of any urea-formaldehyde resins
  • To ensure uninterrupted customer supply, timely and cost-effective shipments, West Fraser’s StableRV panels are manufactured in facilities throughout the US and Canada

RV+ and RV+ Overlay

  • StableRV+ and StableRV+ Overlay are designed for use in slide-outs, which require a one-piece solid panel with no core voids, consistent thickness, strength, stiffness and lay-flat installation
  • StableRV+ Overlay is manufactured with an additional moisture-resistant resin impregnated overlay to protect against the elements when used in slide-out applications

* Minimum order runs may be required.

RV RV plus RV Plus Overlay RV Roof
Thickness 3/8, 15/32, 1/2, 19/32 23/32, 7/8, 1 23/32, 7/8, 1 3/8
APA Grade Stamp Yes No No No
Overlay No No Yes No
Warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes

Need an industrial ESP product that’s larger than your standard 4×8? Contact our Solutions Team to discuss how West Fraser’s larger industrial ESP products can be tailored to meet your manufacturing needs.

  • Sizes / Lengths:
    48” to 100” and up to 294”
  • Thickness:
    3/8 to 1
  • Edge Seal Color:
  • Warranty:
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