Tailored solutions for the packaging industry

SteadiPack™ ESP is a packaging-grade panel developed and manufactured by West Fraser specifically for the packaging industry. Made under our Engineered Strand Panels (ESP) process, SteadiPack ESP adds to your operational efficiency by reducing cutting, handling and waste.

Standard or custom sizing

Available in standard 4×8 panel size, custom sizes can be accommodated based on minimum order quantities. Contact our Solutions Team for more information.

SteadiPack ESP is manufactured in multiple locations within North America to facilitate consistent supply and reduce transportation costs.


  • Specifically designed for the crating and packaging industries (bases, walls, tops)
  • Custom panel lengths are available to reduce cutting, handling and waste
  • Special layups and enhanced resin formulations to ensure panels are consistently flat, uniform and stiff
  • Enhanced fastener retention
  • 100% usable panel rate increases productivity
  • Thicknesses available from 7/16 up to 1-1/8 in standard 4×8 panel size
  • Panels are lighter, easy to work with and create less wear and tear on tools and equipment
  • Mill certified for the packaging industry

Need a customized industrial panel for your business? Contact our Solutions team to see how our team of experts can engineer a panel tailored for your needs.

  • Sizes / Lengths:
    4 x 8, Custom Lengths
  • Thickness:
    7/16 up to 1-1/8
  • Edge Seal Color:
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