Norbords Durastrand

Durastrand, a premium T&G OSB sub-flooring panel, combines the latest resin technology and patented pointSIX edges for swell resistance.

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Norbords Pinnacle

Pinnacle premium T&G OSB sub-flooring is the right product at the right price and comes with a 50-year warranty.

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Norbords TruFlor

Truflor T&G is a high-quality OSB sub-flooring panel that provides real value and is backed by a 25-year warranty.

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Norbords SteadiTred

SteadiTred OSB stair treads are used to construct high-quality stair systems with more dimensional stability than solid-sawn lumber.

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Norbords Rimboard

Rimboard is a precision-engineered OSB product for use as a perimeter board for floor and roof joists in residential and light commercial construction.

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West Fraser OSB products are suitable for carpet, wood strip or parquet flooring (must be installed to manufacturer’s and/or NWFA instructions). Vinyl flooring requires the use of the vinyl manufacturer’s approved underlayment. Follow material manufacturer’s instructions. If finished floor is to be adhesive-bonded resilient flooring, always use an approved underlayment, following the manufacturer’s instruction, over West Fraser sub-floor OSB.