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Lot Sizes Shrinking Nationwide

Lot sizes are always getting smaller. Over the last decade alone, the national average lot size for a new family home build has dropped by nearly 2,000 square feet from 10,500 square-feet in 2010 to 8,700 square feet in 2020. While lots have been getting smaller, homes have been getting bigger—growing from an average of …

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Reduce Hardware Runs and Save

Is everyone sitting around waiting because you ran out of nails? When employees leave the jobsite to pick up materials, you have a double loss with transport costs and time. Studies show that these costs can take up as much as 2-4% of the project’s profits for most small to medium construction companies. But with a better system and planning, you can vastly reduce lumberyard runs and improve your efficiency and your bottom line

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How to Protect Your Jobsite During Renos

We all know that proper preparation makes the job go faster, but with labor shortages many contractors may be tempted to take shortcuts. When you don’t take the time to properly protect homes during renos, you run the risk of damaging existing features or contaminating the living space which may result in expensive cleanups. Controlling …

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