Precision-engineered for today’s enclosed trailer floor systems

StableDeck® and StableDeck+® Engineered Stand Products (ESP) are precision-engineered for use in the decks of enclosed trailer systems. Both high-performance panels are manufactured to withstand recurring impacts, twisting, cupping, cracking and warping.

StableDeck+ is manufactured with additional resins and wood to deliver extra strength and rigidity where needed.

Build better trailers

Available in various lengths*, when sanded, StableDeck and StableDeck+ afford the thickness tolerance required of components in the most precise applications. Both products are manufactured in multiple locations across North America to help reduce customers’ transport costs.

Specify StableDeck or StableDeck+ to maximize both quality and performance of the enclosed trailers you manufacture.

StableDeck® Engineered Stand Products (ESP)       StableDeck+® Engineered Stand Products (ESP)

Features and Benefits

  • No knotholes or core voids, and withstands higher impacts than plywood alternatives
  • Excellent resistance to twisting, cupping, cracking and warping
  • Strong fastener holding
  • Excellent anti-swell properties
  • Superior yield due to optimized panel sizes
  • Clean surfaces, free of patches, putty and other imperfections
  • Smooth sanded finish on the face of the panel with no panel markings
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Meets or exceeds APA PS2 standards
  • StableWall and StableWall+ panels also available for enclosed trailer manufacturing
  • CARB (California Air Resource Board)-exempt – free of any urea-formaldehyde resins

*Contact our solutions team for other dimensions & thicknesses. Minimum order runs may be required.

Get StableWall and StableWall+ for your enclosed trailer wall systems. Learn more.

Need a panel that stands up to repeated impact, but for a different end-use? Contact our Solutions Team to discuss how StableDeck products can be tailors for your needs.

  • Sizes / Lengths:
    4x6, 4x7, 4x8, 4x9
  • Thickness:
  • Edge Seal Color:
  • Warranty:
    1 Year Limited Warranty
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  • Product Documents

    2021-6136 FMVSS 302 Flammability Test | pdf - 812.86 KB

    StableDeck Sell Sheet | pdf - 435.13 KB

    StableDeck Warranty (English) | pdf - 217.43 KB

  • FAQ

    1. What are minimum order quantities?
    2. How do I purchase StableDeck ?
    3. What is the difference between Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and StableDeck Transportation Cargo Panels?
    4. What is unique about StableDeck vs. competing products?
    5. What is the difference between StableDeck and StableWall?
    6. Why is it necessary for Stable panels to be sanded?

    What are minimum order quantities?

    These are purchasing minimums that are required to ensure manufacturing efficiency and consistency.

    How do I purchase StableDeck?

    Our products can be purchased either directly from West Fraser or through one of our distribution partners such as Universal Forest Products, Inc. (, or 1-800-598-9663).

    What is the difference between Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and the StableDeck ESP Transportation Cargo Panels?

    StableDeck has been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the transportation cargo industry, whereas OSB is not appropriate for all uses in this manufacturing context.

    What is unique about StableDeck vs. competing products?

    The StableDeck product line was developed with the assistance and guidance of selected transportation cargo manufacturers. It was their vision that helped West Fraser’s Product Development and Sales teams develop panels that meet and exceed the specific needs of this demanding application.

    What is the difference between StableDeck and StableWall?

    StableDeck and StableDeck+ are ¾” panels designed to excel in cargo floor applications where specific point load weight causes inferior panels to fail. StableWall and StableWall+ are used in cargo trailer walls and ceilings where durability, appearance, flatness and weight are considerations.

    Why is it necessary for the Stable Panels to be sanded?

    The lighter the panel color within a cargo trailer, the brighter the inside of the trailer. Sanding brightens the panel face and provides a surface that is consistent in color and more visually appealing than alternative panels. In addition, where thickness tolerance is a concern, the Stable ESP product line can be sanded to a level of precision that exceeds that of other wood panels such as plywood.