Raising the standard on panelized flat roof systems

TruDeck® ESP high-strength structural panels are designed to meet or exceed the needs of the panelized flat roof market.

Better in every way

As part of West Fraser’s Engineered Strand Products (ESP) line, TruDeck is manufactured to a higher standard and engineered for superior strength, stability and fastener holding.

Specify TruDeck on your next project or contact our Industrial Solutions team today to see how TruDeck can meet your design needs.

Features and Benefits

  • TruDeck is the panel preferred by installers
  • 100% pMDI resin technology provides high moisture resistance
  • Exceptional performance under extremely wet conditions
  • Superior perpendicular flat bending stiffness, not prone to linear expansion
  • Nail lines run the length of the panel for easy and fast installation
  • Panels are smooth on both sides
  • Manufactured from aspen fiber, making the panel lighter and easier to install
  • Outstanding fastener holding
  • Exceeds APA’s PS2 standards
  • Available in 8’ and 10’ lengths*
  • Multiple thicknesses and Struc 1 available*
  • CARB-exempt / no added urea-formaldehyde resins

* Contact your solutions team for other dimensions & thicknesses. Minimum order runs may be required.

Need a customized industrial panel for your business that meets or exceeds APA’s PS2 Standard? Contact our Solutions team to see how our team of experts can engineer a panel that is tailored for your needs.

  • Sizes / Lengths:
    4x8, 4x10
  • Thickness:
    15/32, 1/2, 19/32, 23/32
  • Edge Seal Color:
  • Warranty:
    25 Year Limited Warranty
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  • Product Documents

    TruDeck Sell Sheet | pdf - 407.09 KB

  • FAQ

    1. Can TruDeck panels be used in different applications?
    2. What does Exposure 1 on the grade stamp mean?
    3. What is special about TruDeck?
    4. Is TruDeck CARB exempt?

    Can TruDeck panels be used in different applications?

    Yes, depending on the application and specifications, TruDeck can be used for applications other than panelized roof systems. Contact our sales solutions team to learn how TruDeck can be used to meet your industrial needs.

    What does Exposure 1 on the grade stamp mean?

    Exposure 1 rating certified that the panel uses a waterproofing resin. It does not mean the panel is entirely waterproof, but rather that it can withstand normal delays in construction without damage to its structural properties (strength). All TruDeck panels carries the APA (the Engineered Wood Association) grand stamp.

    What is special about TruDeck?

    1. Excellent fastener holding properties
    2. Stiffer and stronger panel
    3. Resistant to buckling under moisture conditions
    4. Not prone to linear expansion
    5. Nail lines increase productivity


    Is TruDeck CARB exempt?

    Yes, TruDeck is CARB (California Air Resource Board) exempt and does not contain any urea-formaldehyde resins.