5 Ways to Get People to Remember Your Construction Company

One of the constant responsibilities of the construction industry manager is soliciting new business. Word of mouth can bring in a good amount of business, but you must augment your good reputation with marketing methods that work. Selecting marketing that will give you a good return on investment will help you to reduce your costs.

Take advantage of Existing Opportunities

When you are working on a house, ensure that you place a lawn sign out front and that you have signage on your vehicles. This way, you are getting free advertising and neighbors may strike up a conversation that could lead to new work.

You can also create stationary, fridge magnets or stickers that will keep your company name and number handy for homeowners you have worked with you should they need you in the future or if they wish to recommend you to a friend.

Consistent Marketing

Traditional forms of marketing like flyers and ads in local newspapers may produce results. If you are working in an area, distribute flyers to the neighbors while you are there. The flyers, lawn signs and vehicle signage will give you more prominence.

Get recommendations

Nothing sells quite like a recommendation from a friend. You can ask your happy customers for recommendations which you can use in your marketing efforts. You can also start a referral discount system which will encourage them to talk to friends and family members while you are busy on the build.


Branding is the way in which you present your company to the world. One of the most important things to remember is that you must always present your brand in the same way. Ensure that you maintain the same colors, logo and look on all of your advertising. This means that if your lawn signs look different to flyers and to your van signage, customers may think they represent different companies.

Effective Methods

You must measure the efficacy of your marketing methods to see which ones you should continue to pursue. You can do this online through analytics or set up a dedicated phone line to measure business you get from newspaper ads and flyers.

Online Reputations

Google yourself from time to time to see what you can find about your company. Ensure that your contact details are easy to find. If there are any disparaging remarks or reviews online, deal with them in a professional manner. You can get a rundown of how to deal with these here.

Face Time

At the end of the day, the best way to be memorable is to offer wonderful customer service. Ensure that your employees are always friendly and respectful and spend some time with your customers, be sure that you understand their needs, ask lots of questions and do a follow up call after the job is done to ensure that they are satisfied.

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