Common Mistakes to Avoid when Installing Roof Sheathing

As the old saying goes; “The devil is in the details” and successfully installing roof sheathing is definitely all about the details. It may look easy but if it’s not done right, the end result can cost a lot of money and time in expensive call backs. In today’s competitive market, contractors don’t have a lot of money or time to spare, so do it right the first time.


  • Check the rafters or trusses are square and aligned properly before you install anything.
  • If you find something that’s not right, have it corrected right away because it’s going to telegraph though to the shingles and you are likely to get a call back.
  • Use a 10D nail to quickly and easily create the required 1/8” space between sheathing panels at the 4’ edges.
  • Install nails 3/8” in from the edges and follow the building code or panel manufacture’s spacing instructions.


  • Don’t stand between the supports when you are fastening the panel because your weight will cause deflection in the panel and after it’s fastened it stays there.
  • Don’t always do things in the same old way; codes and product instructions change so make sure you and your team are up to date.

Those little mistakes matter and sometimes they can really be expensive. Bad building habits are hard to change but good building habits save time and money.

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