Corrections to OSHA Fall Protection Standards

OSHA’s Personal Fall Protection System Standards were released last year, but contained some errors. Corrections took effect in December 2019.

Some of the corrections included updating the gate strength of protective equipment like D-rings, carabiners and snaphooks. These items must be proof tested to a minimum tensile load of 3,600 pounds without any damage.

Side rails of through-ladders or side-step ladders must extend 42 inches above the top of the access level or landing platform served by the ladder. This is the minimum for fixed ladder side rail extensions.

A typo in paragraph (b)(1)(i) of § 1910.27, stated that the metric equivalent to 5,000 pounds is 268 kg. The correct metric equivalent is 2,268 kg.

Get the full list of corrections in the Federal Register.

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