Has the world gone Topsy Turvy? Can a Floor be a Roof?


Hi, I am working on a project here in CT where the contractor wants to use TRUFLOR for roof decking on a low-sloped roof application. Is this recommended over the TRUBORD? What are the pros and cons of using the two for this application?
Bill Copeland, North Branford, CT


TRUFLORThank you for your interest in our OSB products. Certainly you can use our TruFlor for a roofing application. Our 23/32TG sub-flooring will give the roof more rigidity at equal truss spacing. It comes with a TG edge which could eliminate the need for roof clips, your local inspector will have to be the judge on that. TruFlor, because it is thicker than our Trubord, will be proportionately more expensive and heavier than Trubord. Other than that, given proper installation, you will have a very solid roof using our TruFlor for your project.

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