Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Condenser Locations Matter

Does your heat pump or air conditioner condenser need to be installed outdoors? Some installers believe that placing these systems in a garage or attic space may make the system more efficient by decreasing the difference in temperature. But it’s precisely because of these disparate temperatures that you should place your heat pump and air conditioner condenser outside.

These systems work when the condenser exchanges heat with the surrounding air. If placed outside, the condenser has an ever-changing supply of fresh air to utilize for cooling or heating. In a closed space, the limited amount of air reduces the efficiency of the condenser.

If you put a condenser in the attic or garage space, it will cause that space to heat up in the summer and that heat will radiate back inside the home. In the winter, these spaces will cool down and, because heat moves to colder spaces, this can work against you. Installing these systems in a garage or attic will reduce efficiency and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Placement of the condenser systems is important. Ensure that they are placed in areas which enjoy a good air flow and are shielded from hot afternoon sun. Avoid planting vegetation around units or installing too many units close together where air circulation will be negatively affected. The east or north sides of the home are preferable. Placing them in preferred places may extend the life of the equipment and make your home more comfortable.

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