Let-in Bracing the Old Way

Let-in BracingEvery now and then it seems we get a glimpse back in time. This photo was sent to me with the question; “When was the last time you saw let-in bracing like this?”. My answer was decades ago! Many years ago, of course, this was a very common way of doing let-in bracing. It took a lot of time and effort to cut each of the studs carefully (hopefully without destroying the stud and creating weak points in the wall) then cutting and installing the brace. Today virtually all builders, professional designers and certainly framers prefer to use longer length OSB wall sheathing such as TallWall or Windstorm. They prefer these longer sheathing products because they easily provide the structural strength required without having to block horizontal joints mid-wall. Faster and Easier with much lower material, labor cost and of course reduced construction time. That old expression; “Time Is Money!” certainly applies in this case.

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