Painting cut edges of Durastand pointSIX flooring

Durastand pointSIX flooring


“Should cut edges of Durastrand pointSIX Flooring be painted if they will be exposed to weathering (rain) for several days or weeks” -John Mills


Thanks for your question, John. Durastrand pointSIX T&G sub-flooring is made to withstand problems from rain and weather from inside out. Painting cut ends may help reduce edge swelling. However, cut ends (4’x4′ panels) should be facing the exterior wall during installation. They would be covered with 2×4 plates. You do get some cut ends around stairwells also. The cut ends lose the benefit of the Patented P6 edge taper but Durastrand is a premium panel and will stand up to moisture and it is backed by a no-sand Guarantee. Don’t forget it’s a best building practice to remove standing water from any sub-floor.

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