Spring DIY Project Ideas using Wood Products

With the nice weather around the corner, homeowners will be eager to get to work on their spring projects. Here are a few ideas of fun projects for inside and outside the home:

The Wooden Bird Feeder

DIY wood project ideas

As the weather warms, our feathered friends struggle to find food until things begin to grow and insects emerge from their winter hibernation. You can attract birds to your garden with this cheerful bird feeder that should take about 20 minutes to make. Get the full free plans from 100things2do.

Easy DIY Cedar Planter

Spruce up your outdoor space with this fantastic cedar planter. Planters are a great way to add interest to outside spaces while controlling weeds and pests. Get the free plan from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.

Hanging Basket Stands

These hanging basket stands are spectacular. They provide a convenient way to hang your summer flower baskets in a way that makes them easy to water and move around. This is a great project for scrap pieces of lumber. Get your free plans from Shanty-2-chic.

Triangle Mirror

This is the perfect project for beginners or for kids who are wanting to improve their woodworking skills. It’s a quick, easy project with spectacular results. You can get the full free plans from Bigger than the Three of Us.

Wooden Toolbox

The perfect DIY wood ideas for beginners, this is an easy design that should take about an hour to make. This wooden toolbox is perfect for hauling tools to jobsites and for home repairs. Get the full free plan from The DIY Plan.

Planter Pot and Table Combo

This project is a chic and easy way to give your deck an upgrade. This combo provides a space for plants and a side table. Select insect-repelling plants for even more functionality. The plans for this project can be found on Bigger than the Three of Us.

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