Unclogging Spray Nozzles

Norbord Blog - How to unclog spray nozzlesClogged spray nozzles shouldn’t mean you throw out the can; this creates waste and costs more. There are a number of quick fix solutions you can try to get your nozzles back in action in no time at all.

If your material will not be negatively affected by the addition of oil, put the nozzle on a can of WD40 and give it a couple of sprays until the nozzle is unclogged, then switch it back to the original can.

Use a light solvent on a rag to clean the nozzle. If this proves ineffective, soak the nozzle overnight in solvent and wipe clean.

Use a nail or paper clip to unclog the nozzle.

Prevent clogged nozzles by wiping them after use or turning the can upside down and spaying until the mist is clear.

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