When in Doubt, Get a Second Opinion


I live in a new home (three years old 25’X25’) and I had a kitchen sink water line leak. This messed up my floating laminate flooring and likely caused a bit of edge swell on the sub floor. I removed about 4 x 10 area of laminate to check things out. My repair guy who told me I’d have to replace all the 2 x10 at 24″ joists with 2 x 12 because the 12 1/2 ‘ x 24″ span was too much. He also said I need to replace the sub floor. This doesn’t sound right to me.


Your 2×10 at 24” span is ok and you shouldn’t need to replace it with 2x12s. It was built to code and is only 3 years old! Just check the nail pattern and sand the seams flat. Remember, if something doesn’t sound right to you, always get a second opinion; it may save you a lot of money.

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