A full 1-1/8″ edge surface allows for quick installation with virtually no risk of splitting. Installation of RIMBOARDs requires 8d common or ring-shank nails.*

  1. I-Joist – drive 1 nail into the top flange and 1 into the bottom flange
  2. Plate – toe-nail RIMBOARD at 6″ on centre to wall plates
  3. Floor Deck – space fasteners at 6″ on centre
  4. Ledger – use 1/2 ” lag screws and ensure they completely penetrate RIMBOARD. Please refer to building code requirements for number and placement of lag screws.
  5. Starter Joist – when RIMBOARDs are used as starter joists to maintain the vertical loading, there are several installation options, such as blocking (maximum 24″ o.c.), double up the RIMBOARDs, or place an I-JOIST adjacent to the RIMBOARD. Please consult your designer for the appropriate option and details for your application RIMBOARD is designed to span openings of 4′ or less.
  6. When installing T&G sub-floor on top of Rimboard, refer to APA’s Floor panel T&G Trim Guidelines.

* A larger nail size may be required by some I-JOIST manufacturers.


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