8 Newest Trends in Home Design

Modern home design is a dynamic entity that needs to grow and change with the market needs. Any builder who is building the same homes Trends in Home Designthey did ten years ago will steadily be reducing the pool from which they can draw new clients. Of course the biggest influencer on the modern home is energy savings, but there are other trends to note as well. Livability is still the most important factor in home design choice and the role that technology plays is also increasing.

Outdoor spaces

In a move away from the public backyard where neighbors shared conversation over summer barbeques and the children played together, the modern family wants privacy in their outdoor spaces. Walled perimeters or using architectural features to create small private spaces in the yard afford a little peace and quiet.

Connecting the indoors and outdoors

This is related to using architectural features to create private spaces in the yard and helps to bring the great outdoors into the home. Large sliding doors that open onto the garden, larger upstairs windows which open up to treetops all help to make the home feel more natural and eco-friendly.

Functionality first

The large, rambling estates have given way to smaller, more functional homes. Energy conservation and sustainability is the major motivation behind this trend. Multi-functional rooms and furniture help to create all the creature comforts in less space.

It’s the little things

More emphasis is being placed on the small, personal touches that make a house a home. Here fixtures and finishes are playing a far greater role than they once did. Recycled barn wood, antique taps and light fixtures or copper kitchen sinks are the kinds of finishes that are gaining popularity.

Counter intelligence

The fastest way to a buyer’s heart is really through their stomachs! The kitchen is becoming one of the biggest selling points for new home owners. As homes scale down, one of the first rooms to get the chop is the dining room. Now the kitchen is the center of the home as it becomes the place for food preparation, entertainment and family time.

Media rooms

Living rooms now have to serve the additional function of being media centers. Large-screen TVs and connections for internet and sound systems help to turn the traditional living room into a modern haven for playing games, watching TV or using the internet.

Making an entrance

Dramatic entrance spaces with mud rooms and coat closets are becoming a key demand of new home owners. Gone are the tiny little entrances ways where visitors have to squeeze past the coats and stumble over shoes to get into the living room where they could be received. The modern home owner wants to make a good impression from the start with a spacious entrance into their home.

Office space

With a growing trend in at-home office and remote working, creating an office space in a new home is a great selling feature. This room can be converted into a den should the family not need an office space.

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