Contract Language Pitfalls to Avoid

When signing onto a contract as a subcontractor, you may not want to consult a lawyer every time you take on a new job. Here are some things to look out for that may cause issues down the line or make you liable for mistakes and callbacks.

If your Request for Proposal (RFP) states that the contractor is responsible for field measurements, take note. You don’t want to be responsible for measurements you didn’t take yourself or that were taken by an outside professional like a surveyor.

Another pitfall is a clause that sees contractors making changes that customers make to plans at a 10% margin over cost. If the changes are big, you’ll soon find your profit margins erased. This 10% margin may also appear in other places in the contract where contractors may only add on 10% for overhead over cost, but this leaves very little room for any delays or changes.

If you are unsure, engage a solicitor to help you navigate the process. You can be sure they have a lawyer and spending a little more money at the start can save your company in the end.

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