Cover your AC Condenser Unit for Winter

While your condenser unit is built to withstand winter weather, it can be damaged by falling icicles and other materials. An easy-to-make OSB cover can help protect your AC condenser unit.

While some homeowners wrap their AC condenser unit in plastic or cover it with a weather-proof cover, most professionals do not recommend this. Wrapping your AC condenser can create a warm, dry place for critters to nest. It can also cause condensation which will lead to rust.

Some AC units use lubricating oil which is kept warm by a small heater. Running this heater through the winter is not only a waste of energy, it can also create a cozy environment that will attract critters. If someone accidentally starts the AC over the winter, it could blow your compressor and cost you money.

To put the AC condenser unit to bed for the winter, simply locate the disconnect box near the condenser, open the box and remove the disconnect block, flip it over and stick it back in. Don’t forget to reverse this process in the spring. When you flip the disconnect block in the spring, wait at least four hours before turning your AC on. This will give the heater time to heat up the oil in the compressor.

Cut a piece of OSB just slightly bigger than your AC condenser unit. Place on top of the unit and weigh it down with rocks or bricks. This will prevent damage from falling icicles and other debris. Watch a video on how to winterize your AC condenser here.

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