How Proximity Warning Systems Make Construction Sites Safer

While construction sites have become safer places to work over the last couple of decades, the latest report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) discovered that construction is still one of the most dangerous occupations, resulting in the most fatal injuries. Fatalities on the jobsite are mostly caused by moving vehicle accidents.

Construction vehicles have many blind spots and provide poor visibility for the driver. This is why all vehicles should have functioning, audible alarms to alert nearby workers when they are backing up. One of the ways in which new technology is making construction vehicles safer is through proximity warning systems.

For example, Brigade’s ZoneSafe proximity warning system uses vehicle-mounted antennas which communicate with detection tags worn by workers or placed on objects. When a vehicle is within proximity of a tag, the driver is alerted with both visual and audible signals so they can avoid the person or object. The tags worn by workers will also vibrate when a vehicle is in the employee’s vicinity to alert them of the danger.  

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