How to Communicate on the Jobsite

Jobsites are noisy and there’s a lot going on. Workers may not be able to hear you, and they could be distracted so communication can be tricky. When you don’t communicate effectively, costly mistakes can happen that can put the safety of your workers at risk or set the project back.

Harness Technology

Using texts and emails to set daily goals, share plans and communicate instructions to prevent confusion.

Many firms are utilizing virtual reality so that both clients and workers can get a visual of the finished product.

Virtual meeting platforms make it easier to have meetings with people who are not at the same location.

Chain of Command

Setting up a chain of communication can help to avoid misunderstandings. Each person in the chain must have clearly defined responsibilities so they know what they are doing, who they report to and who they are responsible for. This ensures decisions are made in a timely manner and everyone is informed of their duties and any changes to the plan.

Quality checks are essential at every step. This will ensure the job is done to your standards and won’t lead to costly callbacks. Ensure everyone knows who is responsible for quality checks and make workers accountable.

Delivery is Everything

Clear, concise messages that avoid jargon are easier to understand.

Document everything. Each communication should be recorded and traceable to protect workers during disputes.

It’s important to map out the basics. By doing so, you can maintain effective communication no matter how loud the construction site may be.

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