How to fill the chips in your subfloor



My new house has a TruFlor subfloor. Some of the panels had slight damage at the edges leaving me with a couple of spots where there is a “chip” (maybe 4″ x 1″ x 1/4″ deep). I’d like to fill and level these areas before installing my flooring (hardwood in one area, carpet in another). What would you suggest I use as a filler?
Cal Stanley, Grey, ME


Thank you for your e-mail Cal and your question (I’ve never been asked that before). I think this should work. A wood putty should do the job; just be sure to put in on in layers so it can dry properly before adding more. People who build cabinets and need to fill a hole will mix sawdust and carpenter glue so that may work. Don’t use a drywall filler as that will likely break up over time. The hardwood flooring should easily span that without an issue.

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