Identifying Bottlenecks in your Onsite Workflow

Competition means that every construction company and trade needs to run as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to deliver on time and under budget. When your builds take too long, you eat into your profit margins. In order to ensure that your jobsite is working efficiently, you should have in place systems and processes that save you time and money and ensure that work flows smoothly.

Jobsite management systems

Start by observing the entire construction process from start to finish. Having a monitoring system in place will help you to identify where improvements can be made. You can use software or an app to facilitate this process.

Monitoring should cover scheduling, workmanship and work ethics. Scheduling should look at the workflow to determine if there are delays while tasks were being completed, how quickly your trades were able to complete their work and if the jobsite was optimised for the day’s activities.

Workmanship can be measured by the quality of the work and the number of call-backs and complaints. Work ethic should cover whether your employees and trades start and finish on time while your team should ensure that the site is optimized and organized so that trades can come in and work safely. Deliveries should also be on time and monitoring systems will help you to select effective suppliers.

Chargeback systems

Utilizing a chargeback system will enable you to monitor not only the progress of your team, but also of your associated trades so you can identify bottlenecks in your system. This will enable you to see that although one tradesman may be cheaper, he takes twice as long or which tasks you need to put more workers on to prevent delays.

Trip charges should be imposed for trades who cause delays or for supervisors who have not got the site ready for trades so that managers are able to identify bottlenecks and improve efficiency. Monitoring helps you to identify problem people and processes so you can streamline your workflow and improve efficiency which saves you time and money.

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