Reducing the Carbon Footprint of your Flooring

When comparing the fossil fuel use and carbon footprint of raised wood and slab-on-grade concrete, the APA found that wood used considerably less fossil fuel and contributed less to global warming than concrete.

Efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption and contain global warming are affecting the way in which building codes are created and shifting consumer needs. This has resulted in greener building standards which require significant reductions in energy consumption from the building industry in every process from creating building materials, to construction and on to the performance and life cycle of the building itself.

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Raised Wood Flooring Systems Reduce Flood Damage

As sea levels rise and severe weather incidences increase, more residents along the North American coast lines become vulnerable to flooding during storms. One way to reduce the Raised wood flooring systemsdamage done during flooding is to build homes that are above the flood level. One option which is gaining traction is the raised wood flooring system.

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