Using taller wall panels saves time and money

Energy efficiency is on the mind of every prospective homeowner these days. You can improve the efficiency of your building envelope, reduce leaks, and reduce construction duration and costs by utilizing taller wall panels. In the picture, you can see an example of a horizontal wall system; note the number of seams that cause leaks and take time to seal. With vertical OSB wall panel systems like TallWall and Windstorm, unnecessary seams are eliminated. TallWall is available in 9’ or 10’ panels and seams are located directly over joints so TallWall can reduce leakage by up to 60%. TallWall and Windstorm reduce waste, metal hardware, material handling and installation time. They also increase the strength of wall systems by up to 30%. TallWall and Windstorm are the smart choice for the savvy homeowner.

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