Utilizing Raised-Heel Trusses will Improve HERS Rating

We already know that raised-heel trusses save you time. But raised-heel trusses can also save you material and money. Allowing full-depth insulation over the wall plates may allow a lower R-Value in the attic in some climate zones. Because the insulation won’t be compressed, you are able to use less insulation which saves you money.

The raised-heel also prevents air infiltration and/or air leakage at the top plates as wells as at the edges of the insulation which means the house performs better.

When combined with taller wall sheathing, the raised-heel trusses will provide greater structural value thanks to a continuous load path. Taller wall panels also eliminate the need for blocking.

When raised-heel trusses are used, you can look forward to a HERS rating that is 4-6 points lower because they provide easier access to areas that are hard to insulate and allow for full-depth insulation throughout the attic.

Using raised-heel trusses saves you time and money and ensures a higher energy performance for the homes you build.

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