Why Good Reviews Matter

Contractors know first hand that the best kind of marketing is a word-of-mouth endorsement from an existing customer. While some people still ask friends and family members for recommendations, most new clients look online to find a contractor. That means your online reviews are vital in convincing potential clients to put their faith in you.

You must have a presence online if you are to reach a wider audience. On your website and social platforms, allow customers easy access to your reviews. It should be easy for them to write and read reviews.

When you have completed a job and your customer is happy, ask them to leave a review for you. It’s important to ask, or they may not think to review you. Having a stash of four- or five-star reviews is essential, especially since you are always going to get that one customer who leaves a bad review. If you don’t have good reviews to balance this out, it’s unlikely that potential customers are going to choose you from the wealth of options on hand.

Statistics show 68% of consumers are willing to spend up to 15% more for the same service if they think they are going to have a better experience. Most clients are investing large sums of money in new builds or renos and are more likely to spend a little more for a quality contractor than opt for the lowest bidder.

Positive reviews impact your Google ranking in SEO searches. That means the more four- or five-star reviews you get, the higher you will rank in the search results. Good results with the current algorithm can influence your ranking by as much as 10%.

Offer incentives for reviews and for return customers that encourage them to take time out of their busy lives to leave a review for you.

Of course, the best way to get good reviews is to provide great service and exceptional communication. Building a rapport with your client is the best way to create clients who come back and recommend you to others. Asking them to go to the trouble of leaving a review adds to your already busy schedule, but the rewards are worth it!

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