QuakeZone wall sheathing is the smarter way to frame in California

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logo-QUAKEZONEIn California, builders and framers need wall sheathing that allows them to build faster while still meeting code. QuakeZone Precision End Trimmed (PET) wall sheathing is precut for the way you frame, allowing you to build faster and increase productivity.

  • Reduce cutting, handling and excess waste
  • Save time and increase productivity with pre-trimmed wall sheathing at the length you need
  • QuakeZone installs vertically – removing the need for blocking and filler strips
  • Eliminating the blocking improves the performance of your wall insulation by reducing thermal bridging
  • By eliminating horizontal joints, you can reduce wall air leakage by up by 60%
  • In seismic or high-wind markets, QuakeZone can provide a continuous load path which may reduce or eliminate the cost and labor of installing metal hardware
  • QuakeZone lengths accommodate wall heights, joist depths, slab or raised floor, signal or multi-story construction.

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