West Fraser QuakeZone® wall panels are to be installed according to the APA’s (The Engineered Wood Association) Construction Guide E30 and the appropriate building codes.

  • All QuakeZone panels must be spaced 1/8” apart along all edges
  • Be sure all studs are even, square and level before installing any wall sheathing
  • Install QuakeZone panels to overlap the joist area and the top plates. This significantly increases the wall capacity, stiffness and displacement
  • Fastener spacing** (Minimum typical spacing is 6” o.c. along edges and 12” o.c. in the field. However, it is important that you follow your local building codes)
  • Fasteners must be 3/8” in from panel edges and corners
  • Check for “shiners” (nails or fasteners which have missed their wood connection) and refasten or add additional fasteners if needed
  • It is recommended that panels acclimatize to surrounding environmental conditions for at least 24 hours prior to installation
  • Span ratings, durability and mill identification are shown in the grade stamp
  • Add strength to your walls by cutting the sheathing around windows and doors instead of using the cut and paste method. This reduces the number of joints and air leakage
  • QuakeZone is for wall application only
  • If Stucco is the exterior finish siding please refer to the APA (The Engineered Wood Assoc) Q370 for structural sheathing thickness and grade recommendations. You should also refer to applicable local building codes for proper stucco installation over OSB or plywood sheathing.

** Consult your local building codes for requirements and specifications.