Windstorm: The perfect length panel for Florida concrete block & frame

Why Use Windstorm wall sheathing in Florida?

If you’re building 8-foot or 9-foot walls over concrete block in Florida, you will want to sheath with the perfect length Windstorm wall sheathing. The right length Windstorm wall sheathing will cover the floor framing and it will extend into the double top plate. This simplifies the framing process and increases the productivity of framers, electricians, plumbers and the insulation trades.

Windstorm features and benefits:

  • Available in 113-1/2 and 125-1/2 lengths for 8-foot and 9-foot walls over concrete block in Florida
  • Eliminates blocking and has the same shear resistance as blocked walls
  • Open wall cavities make it easier for electricians, plumbers and the insulation trades to do their job
  • Improves the performance of the insulation by reducing thermal bridging
  • Cuts air leakage up to 60% when compared to 4x8s installed horizontally
  • Speeds-up framers by reducing cutting and handling
  • Reduces waste on the job site
  • Provides a continuous load path
  • Extending Windstorm wall sheathing up into the gable ends may eliminate the hinge point

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