Choosing the Sales Representatives that are Right for Your Business

You may be the most experienced, technical savvy construction professional in the business, but if you don’t have a good sales team, you just won’t be able to close deals in today’s
competitive market. With profit margins the way they are and competition increasing, the ability to close sales becomes all the more crucial to the future of your business. Whether you are looking to improve your own selling techniques or employ sales reps that will help to grow your business, these tips may help.

Passion for products

What makes you switch to a new product?  I’ll bet most of what you have learned about a new product came from a passionate sales rep who took the time to explain how the product can improve the efficacy of the building envelope while saving money and time.

The sales reps who are most successful are those who really know their stuff. A thorough knowledge of the industry and the products you sell will earn you some respect from fellow construction professionals. But it’s the reps who really believe in their products that inspire the most confidence. Those who speak with passion about products and who take pride in what they do and the communities and industries that they are helping to build enjoy the most success. There is no substitute for authenticity and sincerity.

Ask questions and really listen to the answers
This may seem counter-intuitive because sales reps are the ones that usually do the talking. However, one must understand the customers pain-points if you want to know how to offer solutions. Knowing the needs and challenges that are faced by your customers can really help you to offer products and solutions that are perfectly suited to their needs. Listening also helps to establish a relationship of trust and a connection between you and your customer base.

Education leads to Innovation

Whether speaking with a young couple planning their first home or a seasoned building industry professional, it’s important to educate the customer. Products and building codes change with such rapidity that clients will be hard-pressed to keep up. It’s important to take the time and be able to explain the landscape and where your products fit in.

A good sales rep has solutions for all of the industry professionals. When selling a product, one must be able to communicate with an engineer, an architect, a potential home owner and anyone else who may be involved in the decision-making process.

Nothing’s better than the real thing

While email campaigns and social media help to get potential clients to your website and help to promote your brand, there’s nothing like speaking directly to a real person to seal the deal. Most sales reps still head out on the road to visit those clients who have shown an interest.


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