Leak Detection May Reduce Impact of Burst Pipes this Winter

Callbacks are every contractor’s worst nightmare. They eat into already tight profit margins and may cause delays in your subsequent jobs. On average, callbacks cost around 2% of total revenue and about $500 a house in admin costs.

A regular issue is leaks which occur when subcontractors or builders accidentally damage lines during the construction process. Leaks can also cause homeowners thousands of dollars in damage when they occur in areas where it takes a while for water damage to show. Homeowners who are away in the winter may return to find burst pipes causing havoc in their home.

There are many smart home features which contractors are taking as standard in new homes like smart thermostats, lighting and outlets. Many are now adding leak detection systems which are able to detect leaks and help homeowners and contractors track water usage at each fixture, monitor temperature and pressure, turn water to the home off remotely or set water conservation goals.

A recent study found that smart leak detection installations reduced water leak insurance claims by 96% and claim costs were reduced by 72% as leaks were detected quickly, preventing extensive damage to the home. Installing a leak detector may also reduce insurance costs. Get a review of all the latest leak detection technology here.

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