Norbord’s “THANK A FRAMER” Month Helps Alleviate the Labor Shortage

Following the phenomenal success of last year’s Thank A Framer video (over 4 million views and counting!) Norbord has released its second video to mark the start of “Thank a Framer” month. This video follows the process of manufacturing Oriented Strand Board (OSB) from the forest to the construction site, paying homage to workers in the supply chain along the way.

Thank A Framer Month highlights the vital role framers play and supports Norbord’s efforts to ease the construction labor shortage. With over 200,000 construction jobs vacant, the building industry needs to train more Americans to fill these positions. Last year, Norbord donated US$1.1 Million to the HBI (Home Builders Institute) to train more framers. These HBI training programs are free and support under-served students and veterans who want to pursue a career in construction.

Norbord  has successfully graduated students from training centers in Houston and Tampa—the next generation of framers who will be joining the workforce. They will continue to partner with the HBI to train more Americans to become framers.

The labor shortage is causing delays in the completion of projects while driving up costs for construction companies. By training more framers, Norbord hopes to help construction companies to deliver projects on time and on budget. Visit to watch the video and join us in our mission to create awareness and encourage young people to enter the trades.

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