Reduce Wasted Time on your Jobsite

A study conducted by the Center for Construction Engineering and Management at the University of Michigan across a number of construction disciplines showed that daily waiting times varied from 45 minutes to over 80 minutes—valuable time that costs you and your customer. Delays were caused when workers were waiting for instructions, materials, tools and for trades to complete their work. With labor shortages and rising inflation, improving efficiency can really help put you ahead of the competition.

You can reduce time wastage through better building systems and by boosting organization. This means spending more time on communication and planning, but time spent here will save you much more down the line.

Advanced Sheathing Method

The West Fraser Advanced Sheathing Method increases productivity and reduces waste. In this approach, long-length wall sheathing is oriented vertically. West Fraser produces longer length sheathing with lengths ranging from 97 1/8” to 145 1/8”. Longer length panels allow framers to completely cover wall framing with a single piece of sheathing—connecting to the wall framing below or the roof framing above. This reduces the need for blocking and prevents waste.

Monthly, Weekly and Daily Planning

Spend time looking at the month ahead—what tasks need to be completed and who will be responsible for each task. Monthly planning is especially important for the effective coordination of trades. Booking trades well in advance and letting your crew know what needs to be done to prepare the jobsite will reduce time wastage.

A quick 5-to-10-minute huddle every morning will help you and your crew to organize your day. This should include which tasks need to be completed, and what needs to be done at the end of the day to ensure the jobsite is ready for the next days jobs and trades.

There are a number of apps and programs that can help with planning and communicating with team members.

Track Performance and Costs

Keeping tabs on how many hours each job takes and the costs incurred provides vital information for improvement and accountability.

Materials and Equipment

Most of the time wastage on jobsites is due to faulty equipment, hardware store runs or looking for stuff. Create an organization system that works for your crew so that everyone knows exactly where the equipment is. Smart tool technology can help you locate items on your jobsite and keep track of maintenance so you know what tools need attention.

Regular maintenance should be a part of every workweek to not only increase the longevity of tools, but also ensure they are in good working order when you need them the most.

 It’s tough to find the time to plan ahead when you have a busy work schedule, but doing so will free up more of your time, reduce time wastage and have you fitting in an extra job or two to increase your profit margins.

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