Snow on your Truflor


TruflorI used your subfloor in my house but didn’t get it dried in before we had a winter storm. Now there’s about 8 inches of snow on the floor! Should I be worried?
Wayne Martin, Springdale, Arkansas


Thank you for the email and question Wayne. TruFlor is an Exposure 1 rated panel. That means it will withstand normal delays in construction without affecting the structural properties. There may be some cosmetic issues but not structural ones. Snow is not an issue. Having said that, you should get that snow off the floor using a shovel or broom before the snow melts because that will create a lot of water and/or ice. Best practice has always been to keep snow and water off the floor using a shovel, broom or squeegee as that certainly minimizes the effects of weather exposure.

Any edge swell that may occur as a result of exposure can be sanded after the floor has completely dried and the finished flooring is ready to be installed (don’t do any sanding before the floor has completely dried as that may open the fibers to more moisture).

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