Tinted Caulks for a Better Finish

Tinted CaulksOne of the downsides of caulking is that the bright white finish can really ruin the aesthetics of your project. Now you can get caulk tinting kits which allow you to create caulks in different colors so you can match them perfectly to your project.

The kits work by allowing you to blend your caulk with latex paints to match the color of the countertops, exterior trim, walls, tiling or even siding for a more professional finish. The caulking in the kits mixes well with the paint unlike regular caulking which has a tendency to repel pain.

The addition of paint will not diminish the normal qualities of the caulk and it will still maintain its adhesive properties as well as mildew resistance.

Once the paint has been mixed to the right color, you can apply the caulk with a caulking gun in the usual way.

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