What Makes A Good Salesperson?

Whether you have a company that is big enough to have a sales department or small enough so you have to wear many hats, knowing why some people are successful at sales can help to improve your own techniques.

Improving your sales means spending some time researching successful sales techniques and working on your process. Your process should include the following steps:

  • Setting very specific goals
  • Perfecting time management
  • Building existing relationships
  • Finding a niche that your company is an expert in
  • Always striving to do better

Set Goals

Set realistic, achievable goals with timelines. Discuss these goals with your team to get feedback and help them understand where they are headed.

Time Management

Managing your time means you are less likely to let things slip through the cracks and you’ll be far more efficient. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can really help managers to organize their time efficiently and improve your selling techniques. Focusing on your process can help you manage multiple clients at the same time.

Block each day into tasks. For example: Set time aside each day for compiling quotes – deliver these in person if possible. Personal service at this stage will help you get a ‘yes’ decision from prospective clients. Each day should have a block of time for phone calls, returning emails and making appointments.

Build Existing Relationships

Once you have successfully closed a deal, keep in touch with the client during the build. Check in regularly and keep communication lines open. Deal personally with any issues and provide the best possible service. Finding new clients costs time and money, but keeping existing clients happy means repeat work and the valuable “word-of-mouth” recommendation.

Find a Niche

Don’t chase work that isn’t in your field of expertise. Define your work parameters and stick to them. Working outside your wheelhouse will result in tensions with your crew, problems on the jobsite and customers who aren’t happy. It’s likely these jobs will reduce profit margins and take longer than expected.

Always Strive to Do Better

Looking for ways to make your team more efficient, to improve working conditions for your crew members, improving jobsite safety and customer satisfaction—this is what keeps your company ahead of the competition.

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