When using a Caulking Gun, Should I Push or Pull?


When applying sealants, should I pull the bead along the joint, which leaves me with a more aesthetic look, or should I push the bead which is messier, but does get more sealant in the crack?


How to use a caulking gunMost contractors pull the caulking gun, but it’s hard to keep an even pace and when the gun is pulled too quickly, hardly any sealant is able to penetrate the joint. Insufficient sealant will mean that your seal is not strong enough to bond and may split along the joint.

For this reason it’s much better to push the caulking gun along the joint in order to ensure that enough sealant is applied to form a cohesive bond that is both air- and water-tight.

Don’t think ‘more is better’ because sealant that is applied too thickly will be less flexible and will lose its elasticity. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions on sealant size which is usually 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch.

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