WiFi Connectivity in New Builds on the Rise

If you are wondering how to build homes with greater appeal to buyers, installing tech is the way to go. A recent survey found 35% of construction companies building single-family homes provided the infrastructure required for a “smart home”.

One way to do this is with the installation of a home WiFi network. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, millennials now make up the biggest group of home buyers, cornering 37% of the market.

“Millennials grew up in the digital age, which gave them a thirst for instant information at their fingertips and virtual communication,” says Kerron Stokes, a real estate agent. “Appliances such as smart thermostats, smart doorbells and more that can be controlled from an app are all the rage. Connectivity is king when putting a house on the market these days.”

A survey conducted by Parks Associates discovered that 35% of large-scale builders provided networking infrastructure for smart homes while 29% installed interactive security systems.

“All builders report smart-home technology is highly popular with consumers, and connected products are rapidly replacing non-connected models as standard in the home,” said Brad Russell, research director at Parks Associates. “Additionally, new consumer experiences, such as the current impact of COVID-19 on working at home and the need to monitor loved ones, will increase the value proposition of smart home tech among consumers.”

Smart home features help to increase the appeal of homes to new buyers. Once the infrastructure is in place, smart home devices are relatively easy to install. Everything from smart thermostats, lights, locks, appliances, and many more features can be offered as upgrades and are often plug-and-play which makes installation easier.

“Low price points put Amazon and Google in a good position to expand further in the builder market as a control interface,” Russell said. “The low price points of their smart speaker products give builders an economical means to integrate these smart technologies as standard in their homes to boost their value among home buyers. Leading builders, such as Lennar, KB Homes, and Shea Homes, have all selected smart speakers as the user interface of choice.”

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