Reducing Waste Saves Time, Money and the Environment

As customers and building codes demand more sustainable homes, you will have to adapt to meet eco-conscious demands. Being more sustainable isn’t just something we can practice for our clients, creating more sustainable jobsites means safer workplaces with less waste. It means you can save money and time if you just work a little smarter.


Keeping materials out of the landfill needs to become a goal. Not only will LEED certification require you to offer measurable recycling and waste reduction practices, but you can actually save money by reducing waste. In order to do this, start by creating recycling areas on your jobsite. Any waste generated can be sorted on a daily basis. This will not only allow you to save money on landfill fees, it also keeps your jobsite neater and safer.

It does take time to sort recyclable materials every day, but you can actually make money on some of these. There are also materials that can be reused – concrete and gravel can be used as backfill, off-cut wood can be used as shims.

Plan Ahead

Take time at the start of the project to work closely with designers. Knowing exactly what materials you will need will mean less waste and fewer trips to the hardware store. If your crew are waiting on materials, you’re not only wasting time and money, you’re also delaying the project. Knowing exactly what you need means less waste and more profit.

Ensure you store materials properly onsite. Doing so will prevent damage and can save you money.

Choose Your Trades

Make sustainability a key factor in selecting your trade partners. From vendors to trades, ensure that the people you are working with take sustainability as seriously as you do. Vendors should be able to recycle all your materials responsibly and on time.

Green building practices are essential to keep you compliant with changing regulations while offering a wonderful perk for customers. Practicing sustainability will save you time and money while keeping your jobsite safer, cleaner and more organized.

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