Winterizing your Paint

You know paint doesn’t like extreme temperatures, so as we dip into cooler weather, here’s some items to add to your winter preparation list.

Latex and acrylic paint and latex caulk will be useless once they freeze. Bring your paints and caulks into the workshop and ensure the temperature never dips below freezing.

If you’ve already experienced a good frost, you’ll want to check your paint. Let the paint warm slowly to room temperature and then mix well. Check the consistency and color to ensure they haven’t changed. If it has the consistency of cottage cheese, it should be put in the hazardous waste disposal.

If you have to paint during the colder months be aware that paint won’t dry properly in freezing conditions. If the paint hasn’t dried properly, it will easily come away when touched or bumped. If you have to paint in the winter, be sure to keep the room heated until the paint has dried.

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