4 Mistakes for Small Contractors to Avoid

When you’re the owner or manager of a small contracting company, you have to wear all the hats! Ordering supplies, writing quotes, managing your team and ensuring your jobs come in on time and under budget. It’s a lot to handle and you can be forgiven for not putting your marketing efforts at the top of your list.

Most contractors rely on word of mouth, so when you get a bad online review, that can really damage your business. Here are a couple of common mistakes that can be avoided with a little forward planning.

Under Promise, Over Deliver

Always err on the side of caution when compiling quotes and timelines. Don’t pull data from previous quotes—the cost of construction materials is fluid and you need to give updated prices. Get a tutorial on how to calculate base labor costs here. Put the time in when compiling quotes and you are less likely to have an unhappy client. Always leave margins for delays and unexpected costs. That way, when you come in on time and under budget, your client will be one happy customer!

Your Crew is your Greatest Asset

With the current labor shortage, finding excellent crew members is your biggest hurdle. Treat your crew and trades with respect. Pay them fairly and on time. Understanding that your employees are your greatest asset and making sure you take care of that asset is the secret to success.

Go Digital

It’s important to move with the times and these days, homeowners will look for contractors online. Be sure to put the time and energy in to create a good website. Respond quickly and professionally to inquiries and update your website and social properties regularly. Get professional help with this as your prospective clients will be judging you on your website and poor grammar, fuzzy photos and broken links won’t be putting your best foot forward.

Dealing with Negative Reviews

You know that you’ll never be able to keep everyone happy and clients are more likely to write a review when they are unhappy. When you do get a negative online review, make sure you deal with it in a professional, rational way. Avoid online conflicts, online arguments make you look unprofessional. Reply to the customer, try to resolve the issue amicably and address their concerns. You should also show your appreciation for positive reviews as well.

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