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Future of Wood: Long Shadows

In many ways, the future of wood will be shaped substantively not by what we do, but what our forefathers did decades ago. By Craig Webb Not long ago, I visited a sawmill just west of the Continental Divide that’s making a business out of our ancestors’ mistakes. Intermountain Resources’ operation in Montrose, Colo., expects …

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Inadequate Panel Spacing – a common but costly mistake.

Ambient Temperatures and moisture conditions cause a constant state of expansion and contraction in every substance there is, whether solid, liquid or gas. This explains why bridges have expansion joints, why sidewalks have expansion joints and why you have to space structural panels such as OSB and plywood by 1/8” at joints to give them …

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The Healthiest Housing Markets for 2009

Builder, in conjunction with Hanley Wood Market Intelligence, debuts its metric for determining markets with the best and least potential. By Boyce Thompson With most economists and builders expecting a national market decline this year, this may not seem like the best time to be selecting the “healthiest” markets in the country. Virtually every market …

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