Keeping up with Codes: A small Business Owner’s Guide

The rapid rate with which burgeoning technologies introduce new materials, products and techniques to the construction industry marketplace means that building codes need to be constantly changing in order to provide consumers with buildings which are safe and energy efficient. This means that every three years, building code changes help to improve the way we build. For small business owners, these constant changes may prove difficult to keep up with.

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Ten Most Common Code Violations Part 1

Failing a building inspection is a frustrating and costly experience for most contractors. You may have to go back and make adjustments or redo some aspects of the build and your scheduling will be compromised. You take longer to do the job and have to pay for the adjustments and that eats into your profit margins. Knowing the most common code violations and how to avoid them can save you time and money.

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England Consultants and Training Helps to Create Safer Communities

Building inspectors play a vital role in safety and enforcing the law and helping to keep residents safe.

England Training Division was first established in 1992. Created by John England, the company is the only one of its kind in the southeast to assist federal, state and local jurisdictions with training of professionals in International Building Codes.

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